The Most Undervalued Leadership Traits Of Women

Posted June 25, 2019

As women continue their upward trajectory in the business world, they have yet to be fully appreciated for the unique qualities and abilities they bring to the workplace.

America’s C-Suites Keep Getting Whiter (and More Male, Too)

Posted June 18, 2019

Nearly every large U.S. company has publicly stated its commitment to diversity. Hundreds have signed pledges to achieve gender parity, close the gender pay gap, and make a larger effort to hire black and Latino workers.

And still, executive ranks and upper management remain persistently, stubbornly white and male—even more so than they were a few years ago. What gives?

Why Aren't Women Advancing More in Corporate America?

Posted June 10, 2019

From the 1970s into the ’90s, women made serious progress in the workplace. Then that progress stalled, especially at the top.


Push to add women to WNY boards gains momentum

Posted May 11, 2018

By Allissa Kline  – Reporter, Buffalo Business First

WNY Women's Foundation Launched a New Initiative to Address Gender Inequity in Local Leadership Positions

Posted May 8, 2018

The WNY Women’s Foundation (WNYWF) has launched the ALL IN community initiative. This initiative addresses the disparity of women in leadership roles throughout the WNY region and beyond – and what our communities lose as a result.

Women's Foundation launches new women's equity initiative

Posted April 27, 2018

By Tracey Drury  – Reporter, Buffalo Business First

New Initiative Launches to Empower WNY Women

Posted April 27, 2018

By Brett Allen - Reporter, WYRK

WNY Women's Foundation launches new program

Posted April 26, 2018

By Brittany Muller - Reporter, WKBW

Domestic violence costs women at work

Posted February 13, 2018

Research shows that women pay an outsized economic price if they are the victims of domestic abuse.

How Companies Can Really Make Their Workplaces Family-Friendly

Posted February 6, 2018

Here’s four concrete ways companies can go beyond just giving lip service to the idea of flexible schedules.

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